Executive and CCIOs adopt joint resolution on closer collaboration

October 3, 2023 | 4:08 pm

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission, represented by Lyn Mengich, Chairperson, Dr. Amani Komora, Vice Chairperson, and Anne Gitau, Commission Secretary/CEO, attended the Deputy President’s liaison meeting along with the leadership of Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices (CCIOs), on 21 June 2023, at the Deputy President’s Karen official residence. The liaison meeting adopted the following joint resolution:


The Executive Order No 1 of 2023 mandates the Office of the Deputy President with the mandate of liaison with CCIOs in matters that require intervention by the national government, including budgets, policy formulation and implementation of their recommendations.

In observation of this mandate, His Excellency the Deputy President convened a liaison meeting with all CCIOs.

The meeting was attended by Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons, Commissioners and Chief Executive Officers of CCIOs.

The meeting was presided over by His Excellency Hon. Rigathi Gachagua, EGH, Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.

 The Forum provided an opportunity for the participants to:

  • Apprise on the mandate and milestones of respective CCIOs.
  • Develop modalities for strengthened structured collaboration and cooperation between the Executive and CCIOs.
  • Identify challenges facing CCIOs in implementation of their mandates.
  • Realign focus of CCIOs to positively contribute to the BETA Government Agenda.

The meeting:

 Recognising: the independence of CCIOs as established by the constitution with respective mandates, functions and structures, ensured by constitutional provisions and relevant laws.

Noted: CCIOs perform key advisory, oversight and foresight roles to government through their various mandates as stipulated vide the Constitution Article 249 majorly in;

  • Protecting sovereignty of the people of Kenya;
  • Ensure observance of democratic values and principles;
  • Promotion of constitutionalism;

Acknowledged: that CCIOs face budgetary constraints, and therefore, the need for allocation of adequate funds to enable them to discharge their functions and, strengthen and enhance their independence.

The meeting resolved as follows:

 Strengthen collaboration between the Executive and CCIOs.

  1. Facilitate a structured engagement with government by strengthening the relationship between the Executive and CCIOs.
  2. Hold periodic meetings with the Executive.
  3. Conduct annual State of CCIOs address to the presidency for presentation of annual reports and address cross cutting issues.
  4. Enhanced collaboration among CCIOs to promote synergy in their respective oversight roles.
  5. Develop framework for engagement between the Executive and CCIOs.
  • Support review of Legal and Policy Framework to strengthen CCIOs.
  1. Identify legal gaps in respective CCIOs.
  2. Engage Parliament to lobby for review of laws to strengthen respective CCIOs implementation of mandates.
  • Support of national government development agenda.
  1. CCIOs to realign their focus in line with their constitutional and legislative mandates to positively contribute and support BETA and other development agenda.


  • Implementation of recommendations from CCIOs.
  1. Establish mechanisms to follow-up implementation of CCIOs’ recommendations and develop implementation plan.
  2. Engage MDAs to ensure implementation of CCIOs’ recommendations therein.
  3. Explore mechanism to enforce recommendations from CCIOs.

Cross-cutting issues

  • Budgetary and financial support
  1. Engage the National Treasury to timely disburse sufficient resources to CCIOs.
  2. Lobby for sufficient allocation of resources from Parliament to enhance financial autonomy and safeguard operational independence of CCIOs.
  3. Lobby budgetary support for CCIOs to build necessary infrastructure, including offices, and where necessary, decentralise their services.
  • Human resource support
  1. Support recruitment of requisite personnel for effectiveness in implementation of respective CCIOs mandate.
  2. Enhance capacity of CCIOs staff to undertake their functions efficiently.
  • Organise a retreat targeting Executive, Council of Governors and CCIOs to realize;
  1. A deeper understanding of the current government administration priorities and how CCIOs can support the government to realise its priorities, while maintaining their independence.
  2. Enhanced collaboration among the institutions to promote synergy in their respective oversight roles.
  3. Increased capacity of the institutions to engage with the national government administration in the execution of their mandates.
  4. A roadmap for implementing the strategies discussed during the retreat.


Signed by:

H.E Rigathi Gachagua, EGH

Deputy President of the

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