A productive public service that is fairly remunerated.


To set, review and advise on equitable, competitive and fiscally sustainable remuneration and benefits in the public sector through research and analysis.

Core Values

SRC commits to the following set of core values in service delivery:

  1. Fairness: We endeavour to be honest, fair and objective in all SRC activities and decision-making.
  2. Accountability: We shall be accountable for our decisions or actions.
  3. Collaboration: We believe in the power of working together with stakeholders. We shall build, support and encourage collaboration across teams, organisations and sectors in order to achieve our mission.
  4. Integrity: We value high standards of ethical behaviour at all times. We shall uphold honesty and strong moral principles in all SRC activities and decision-making.
  5. Innovation: We are committed to fostering an enabling environment that encourages continuous learning and relentless pursuit of creative solutions to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.
  6. Transparency: We are committed to promoting transparency in our work. We shall be open in accordance with the law.

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