The Commission has a structured system of operating made up of Committees that assist in discharging its mandate, responsibilities and obligations. The Commission delegates specific functions to selected Committees with defined formal terms of reference, without abdicating its ultimate responsibility. The terms of reference clearly identify matters reserved for the Commission and Committees. The Committees make recommendations to the Commission for consideration and adoption/resolution.

The membership and chairmanship of the Committees is regularly reviewed by the Commission. The Commission is cognizant that members collectively have sufficient qualifications and experience to fulfil the duties of the respective Committees. The elected chairpersons apprise the Commission meetings of their activities on a regular basis, through oral and/or written reports.

These Committees are as follows:

  1. Wage Bill Management Committee
  2. Job Evaluation and Salary Structures Committee
  3. Legal and Policy Framework Committee
  4. Corporate Image and Stakeholder Management Committee
  5. Corporate Support Services Committee
  6. Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee
  7. Allowances and Benefits Committee

The Wage Bill Management Committee is in charge of matters related to national wage bill management. It is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the total public wage bill is sustainable and prepares remuneration guidelines towards achieving a sustainable wage bill.

The Job Evaluation and Salary Structures Committee is charged with the development and implementation of a robust policy framework for job evaluation in the public service, developing and supporting implementation of job evaluation guidelines and providing oversight in the review of job evaluation appeals/reviews.

The Legal and Policy Framework Committee is charged with ensuring that legislation, regulations and guidelines are in accordance with the SRC’s constitutional mandate, and provides guidance on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, among others.

The Corporate Image and Stakeholder Management Committee ensures that the needs and expectations of stakeholders are clearly identified and understood, so that SRC is better placed to deliver on its mandate. The Committee provides guidance and recommendations to the Commission on stakeholder engagement and the management of SRC’s corporate image, brand identity, awareness and visibility.

The Corporate Support Services Committee’s mandate includes overseeing the development and implementation of the Commission’s strategic plan, as well as providing oversight and governance on issues pertaining to the administration, human resource management and financial services.

The mandate of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee is to examine internal and external audit reports, review the SRC’s financial statements, risks and internal controls and compliance.

The Allowances and Benefits Committee reviews and provides recommendations to the Commission on the allowances and benefits payable in the public service.

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