SRC’s Strategic Plan 2019/2020 – 2023/2024 has been developed in cognizance of its mandate as stipulated in Article 230 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, and SRC Act, 2011. Additionally, the strategic plan is in concert with Kenya’s Vision 2030 and its attendant Third Medium Term Plan (MTP III), Africa Agenda 2063, Sustainable Development Goals, and other prevailing legal and policy documents. The implementation of this strategic plan is based on stakeholder participation, good governance and a professional approach to institutional management.

The strategic framework outlines five Key Result Areas which reflect SRC’s mandate and functions, and are the pillars of this strategic plan. The Key Result Areas are:

  • Fiscal sustainability of public service wage bill;
  • Remuneration and benefits;
  • Policy and legal framework;
  • Collaboration and partnerships; and
  • Institutional capacity.

Strategic Objectives

The Key Result Areas of the strategic plan are implemented through the following strategic objectives:

KRA 1: Fiscal sustainability of public service wage bill

  • To contribute to achieving and maintaining an affordable and fiscally sustainable remuneration regime; and
  • To reward performance and productivity in the public service.

KRA 2: Remuneration and Benefits

  • To contribute to achieving equitable, affordable and fair remuneration and benefits;
  • To enable the public service to achieve competitive remuneration and benefits;
  • To promote a predictable and stable labour environment; and
  • To access real-time data for decision-making and compliance.

KRA 3: Policy and legal framework

  • To reinforce the Commission’s mandate; and
  • To ensure adherence to remuneration and benefits as set and advised by the Commission.

KRA 4: Collaboration and Partnerships

  • To build synergistic relationships

KRA 5: Institutional capacity

  • To enhance corporate image and brand;
  • To institutionalise corporate governance;
  • To enhance the Commission’s financial ability to discharge its mandate;
  • To build a versatile, competent, highly performing and motivated workforce; and
  • To enhance operational efficiency.
SRC's Strategic Plan 2019-2024

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