The Salaries and Remuneration Commission consists of the following persons appointed by the President of Kenya:

  • A chairperson;
  • One person each nominated by the following bodies from among persons who are not members or employees of those bodies:
    1. Parliamentary Service Commission;
    2. Public Service Commission;
    3. Judicial Service Commission;
    4. Teachers Service Commission;
    5. National Police Service Commission;
    6. Defense Council;
    7. Senate, on behalf of the county governments.
  • One person each nominated by:
    1. An umbrella body representing trade unions;
    2. An umbrella body representing employers; and
    3. A joint forum of professional bodies as provided by legislation.
  • One person each nominated by:
    1. Cabinet Secretary, National Treasury and Economic Planning; and
    2. Attorney-General.
  • One person experienced in the management of human resources in the public service, nominated by the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action.