SRC Conducts Internal Media and Social Media Awareness Session

March 19, 2020 | 12:36 pm

Malowa Hilda

Media and social media are integral components of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) in its bid to attract favorable audiences and engagement across Kenya. As a result, an internal SRC media and social media awareness session was held on 4 March 2020 for Commissioners and staff of the SRC.

“It is important that SRC invests in media relations and social media to ensure an objective, balanced and accurate media coverage, as well as inform stakeholders on its policy decisions and actions,” said the SRC Chairperson, Lyn Mengich, during the session.

Presenting on Kenya’s media landscape, the former Chairperson of the Media Council of Kenya, Dr. Haron Mwangi, urged the SRC to engage with the media consistently and set the agenda.

He advised that SRC should “always remain focused on the issue it is communicating, while engaging with the media.”

In his presentation, the Head of Corporate Communications of the SRC, Anthony Mwangi, highlighted the benefits of social media, and how individuals and corporates are currently using social media to drive their agenda and communicate with their publics.

“Not only do communication personnel use social media, but also the technical personnel, as a means to channel messages to an increasing number of institutional audiences,” he stated.

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