Acknowledging that a number of decisions and policies of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) have the potential to affect a wide range of individuals, organisations, institutions, national and county governments, businesses and the general economy of the country, the SRC actively invests in a wide and robust stakeholder engagement. This engagement is premised upon the fact that SRC is a public institution established by Article 230, whose purpose is to harmonise wages for State and public officers.

The engagement with various stakeholders is therefore a framework that provides the SRC with a plan that seeks and facilitates the involvement of a wide cross-section of external parties who are affected by or are interested in SRC’s decisions, or parties willing to provide financial or in-kind support to actualise the goals and mandate of the SRC. In addition, the SRC actively seeks to establish and maintain good relationships with partners and stakeholders throughout the course of the implementation of its activities, policy decisions and agenda.