Celebrating an illustrious chapter of a Commissioner

January 23, 2023 | 4:05 pm

SRC bid farewell to Christine Agimba, whose tenure ended in September 2022, having served as a Commissioner since July 2014.

In a farewell ceremony on 9 September 2022, Lyn Mengich, SRC Chairperson, appreciated Commissioner Agimba’s contribution over the years, which often infused elements of history, the reality of government and provided insights on the impact of decisions made.

Commissioner Agimba’s exceptional listening and analytical skills, as well as her unique ability to steer discussions towards a better understanding of government systems and processes, were recognised.

Notably, she has an admirable and hardworking work mantra. She dispelled the notion that meetings were only to be attended, by making a personal commitment to prepare well for them and paid keen attention to deliberations.

She often went beyond the call of duty and helped colleagues to learn immensely. In addition, Commissioner Agimba had a unique way of doing things, and helped promote diversity at the Commission.

On her part, Commissioner Agimba observed that the Commission’s work involved and demanded hard work: hard, painful work. She held that SRC had attracted Commissioners who had a high level of commitment, clear views and perspectives, and were focused and willing to put in the time and effort to move the Commission forward.

She added that a lot had been achieved, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that the Commission worked tirelessly to be of service to Kenyans, while staying true to delivering its mandate.

“The impact of the work done is lasting, considering that stakeholder engagement had been carried out and strikes had reduced over time,” said Commissioner Agimba.

Known for her high sense of African fashion, Commissioner Agimba was the longest serving Commissioner, who is fondly remembered for being cool, calm and collected. She has more than 25 years of experience in the public and private legal sectors.

Her expertise spans a broad spectrum covering legal, governance and policy matters, in the judicial and financial sectors.

The Commission acknowledges her immense contribution, and affirm that she will make a positive impact at her new assignment as the Chairperson of the Kenya Law Reform Commission. The Commission and Secretariat wish her well in her new appointment.

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