The 8th Annual Congress for Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices

October 20, 2019 | 8:41 am

SRC participated in the 8th Annual Congress for Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices (CC&IOS) held in Kericho County from 16th October to 18th October, 2019. The Congress is an annual event where CC&IOs interact with the public and share a feedback podium with them.

The theme of the three day Congress was “Promoting accountability and citizens’ access to quality public service.” The Congress was structured with three different activities for each day. On the first day, the Congress held three plenums, with SRC participating in Plenum 2 that focused on “The role of financial oversight in promoting accountability, good governance and transparency.” On the second day, the Congress held public lectures at Kabianga University and Kenya Highlands University, with each CC&IO engaging students. The institutions showcased their role, while addressing concerns raised by students and members of the public. The third day was marked with a members’ conference and Chairpersons in-house meeting.

H.E. Deputy President, Hon. Dr. William Ruto, graced the Congress. He urged CC&IOs to reflect on their areas of underperformance, and work towards improving service delivery to Kenyans. Further, he challenged CC&IOs to work in tandem and strive for prudent utilization of public resources.

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