In 2013, Salaries and Remuneration Commission set the remuneration and benefits structure for State Officers. In order to come up with the salary structure, the Commission carried out a comprehensive job evaluation exercise which resulted in the grading of the State Officers based on their relative worth.

Thereafter, appropriate remuneration benchmarks were used to set the remuneration levels of the graded jobs. Economic factors such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), ordinary revenue, expenditure and public service wage bill sustainability were considered in determination of remuneration.

As per the Commission’s mandate to set and regularly review salary and benefits for State Officers, the Commission has reviewed salary structure for the period 2017-2022. This is in line with its 4 year review policy and in readiness for implementation when the newly elected State Officers are sworn into office after the general elections of 8th August, 2017.

For purposes of clarity, it will be prudent to first of all clarify that “State Officer” as defined by the Constitution in article 260 means a person holding a State Office. They include the President, Deputy President, Speaker, Governor, Senator, MP, MCAs among others. Read more...

Download Full Gazette Notice:  [ State Officers Gazette Notice 2017-2022 ] - PDF


+1 #1 dickson gachuche 2017-08-29 18:43
I suggestthat new MPs enter at the lower salaryand old MPs stay at the old salaries.Secondly I suggest that you stop MPs from engaging in conflict of interest practices.A sitting MP or Senator or MCA should not engage in practice of law eg representi g any client in court.

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