SRC staff had an interactive session with members of Kitui County Assembly on 8th December 2015 at Pride Inn Hotel in Nairobi. The over 40 MCAs were keen on understanding the role of SRC and learn if they were complying with the set guidelines and policies. Some of the issues they wanted clarified were: why there were ceilings in the number of committee meetings to be held per week, if SRC was having any considerations for persons with disabilities, why there were differences in mileage between elected and nominated MCAs, why there were salary gaps between members of county assembly and national assembly among others.

Susan Lukano, SRC’s Assistant Director of Remuneration, provided a background and overview of SRC, its role and functions. She reiterated on the need for job evaluation and the benefits it would bring for the public sector and the country. She requested the MCAs to partner with SRC in the job evaluation journey. “Walk and support SRC in this exercise for the betterment of the country,” she observed.

SRC’s Assistant Director of Compliance, Cleopus Wang’ombe, addressed concerns of compliance. He presented some of the non-compliance issues identified in counties and the corrective measures taken. He emphasised on the need for MCAs to comprehend Chapter 6 of the constitution because failing to adhere to it may compromise on the integrity of an individual and the county. Wang’ombe cautioned the MCAs from not complying with the set SRC guidelines as it would lead to surcharging them.

Several questions and clarifications were raised on the salaries and benefits of MCAs. At the end of the interactive and informative session, Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Hon. George Ndotto, thanked the SRC team for honouring the invitation from the County. He observed that the County was complying by the set guidelines, and would endeavour to maintain the same. He urged SRC to handle non-compliance issues with the specific culprits, and not to generalise the issue.

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